Decisiveness leads to progressiveness. How decision making is important for working through things in life, creating breakthroughs and achieving results?

By | September 22, 2016

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This article will primarily focus on the following things: Things to do in life, progress, breakthrough results and decision making.

Hi, I am Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. I am a Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer and in this article I want to share with you from my experience about the importance of decision making when it comes to few aspects of life like handling things to be done, achieving progress and ofcourse breakthrough results.

What actually happens? Or need to happen?

So, what happens when people come in to work with me in various scenarios.
1. They want to improve their health and well-being.
2. They want to improve on their productivity.
3. They want to have a better online presence or work on their business systems to have more productive marketing, branding, positioning or simply put better converting sales and profits.
4. They want to scale up their business or more specifically create profits from their area of passion.
5. They want to be a leader, either for their team alone, or in the market or as fundamental as leading themselves and having self-mastery. 6. They want to have a great life with loads of peace, joy, happiness, satisfaction, wealth and all good things.

Chances are high, that you too have one or many of the above mentioned goals or similar goals.

How to make it happen?

Either ways, for achieving those results, there are always:
1. a lot many more things to be processed upon,
2. lot of factors to which one has to pay attention to,
3. and ofcourse lots of ideas and action items to be worked upon through.
4. There are various skills which may need to be acquired,
5. resources which have to be organized,
6. people with whom collaboration and communication need to be co-ordinated,

And the list can just keep on going on and on. chances are high that items on a natural way, in absence of certain systems will just keep on getting adding up.

What next?

And in such a situation, it is of primary importance to begin with first deciding. Making decisions and classifying things as they keep on showing up into things which need to be done and which need not be done is very, very important.

And for that it is also important to deciding upon the goals, the processes, the values and priorities and the productivity system. I will discuss about all those in separate articles later. However, the key important point I am substantiating over here is decision making, the decisiveness which will lead to progressiveness.

And ask this question with everything that is there in the platter, is it imortant that needs to be done, then ensure it is done, and if it need not be done, they keep it aside.

And that is how you can truly begin with ensuring that things are handled well, progress happens which can lead you towards any results that you seek.

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