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So, what do you think is the one single question, you have to answer loud and clear for your customer for them to get convinced to buy from you? It is this one question which both you have to understand and answer well, to be able to sell well to your customer. And also, the one question, the answer of which your customer needs to understand well for them to open their wallets for you. [Or in most cases even to give you any attention].

Some background info.

Hi, I am Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. And also a human being who has had experiences and exposure of my own share of success by working various frameworks (both created by others and designed by me)

And yes, here’s a disclaimer too. This is part of my own experience, education and all the perspectives coming from there. And very much subjective to changes which otherwise I would label as evolution as I evolve. So, take it for that, another perspective and another way of looking at life. If you feel it can be empowering and you are ready to take responsibility for the consequences, then give it a try. And again, absolutely not a substitute for professional help.

So, what is the one question?

What problem are you solving? Or in other words, what primary need are you fulfilling?

Whenever your customer is purchasing from you, whether be it a product, or a service, or knowledge [as in training programs, etc], or an opportunity [as in a franchise, or a network marketing sponsoring, etc] they are buying in, so that, they can solve a primary problem they have, or fulfill a primary need they have. The key is to understand what is the primary problem your prospective customer is ready to buy a solution for? And/or, what is the primary need your prospective customer is ready to buy into an offer for? And understand it from the context of your ideal customer.

And once you have understood that, then how well are you communicating it to the customer? It may be through your branding, marketing, sales, or promotions. Whichever channel or path you choose, how well are you demonstrating your understanding about the primary problem or primary need in a much better manner than your prospective customer, and how well are you demonstrating the same?

When you demonstrate your understanding, and do it with care, empathy, and also positioning your offer in a way where it is one of the best solutions for them to have their needs met, then a lot of major work you have to do is to collect the cash and deliver. Because when you have done the vital few, [to demonstrate value in terms of I have understood your problem — here is an ideal solution] then, you are helping the ideal customer to buy.

And in today’s world of connectivity, when done right, you can focus on building your business [especially for most small businesses] by serving just the ideal clients.

However, for that, you have to begin with understanding and communicating: what problem are you solving/ what primary need you are fulfilling?

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Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
Helping you make your dreams your reality.
Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer.
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Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N, Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Chennai, India,