Do you look for clues from the past, present and future for achieving success?

By | January 22, 2017

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One of the questions that I have always has been around the area of success. Success in different areas of life, and success defined and re-defined in various contexts. Achieving success at times has been an option for me, and many times has been a must-have. Naturally, studying and understanding success has been a very important and essential part of my life. And the desired outcome for which I have always undertaken it is, how can I be successful? And in areas where I am already successful, how do I amplify it?

Some background information.

Hey, it’s Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N here. Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer. And let’s get on with the topic diving deep right now. Like I had shared, success for me has been a lot more important. And as such, I have definitely been influenced by some of the best thought leaders in the area of success.

Early on in my life, I could clearly understand that success is always a by-product, a result. And if I focus on what successful result for me is, and then reverse engineer it to be able to create the strategic action plan that will produce this result. I am set up for a big win.

And another quick disclaimer.

What I am sharing here is part of my own perspective and life lesson too. A part of my own experience, education and all the perspectives coming from there. And very much subjective to changes which otherwise I would label as evolution as I evolve. So, take it for that, another perspective and another way of looking at life. If you feel it can be empowering and you are ready to take responsibility for the consequences, then give it a try. And again, absolutely not a substitute for professional help.

And some more information.

This post is part of a series. So, yes, a lot of concepts in this post are self-explanatory, while some may not be. In which case, feel comfortable to send me an email, or better yet, check on few more related articles which are listed below as additional reading.

Success is a by-product.

Yes, success is a result or a by-product. And something needs to be done to achieve it. That something is the actual product. Or otherwise known as work. It can be smart work, or hard work, or leveraged work. Either way, some work is always needed. What work is it then?

So, begin with designing it.

Yes, design your success. This is something I share extensively in my success coaching program. And the concept is that one has to define their success. And then you have to design it.

Let me give the actual steps.

Success according to me a destination, a journey, and a path.

Choose your destination.

Success as a destination is all about the end goal (outcome) that needs to be achieved. Always, and I repeat, always begin with the end in the mind. A lot of times, people miss out on this and in spite of achieving a successful result, the result is not the actual desired on.

Explaining it over here. A person may want to feel appreciated and attractive. And feel that if I end up losing a lot of weight, I am going to feel so. So, they may choose extreme diet, exercises, etc. However, it’s not necessary that they have to end up feeling attractive. And that too in spite of all the physical ordeals and physical turmoils. Because, feeling attractive, and feeling appreciated is more of a state of mind rather than got to do with the physical attributes.

So, get clear in terms of the desired outcome. AKA, the destination you want to reach.

Then, it’s the path.

What is the path you are going to choose? This, was in fact, a part of a discussion I had with a group of participants of one of the workshop meeting, where I got a chance to interact with them. (The workshop was about money, passive income, and financial freedom). Yes, financial freedom and passive income may be your outcome. However, how are you choosing to achieve those? Through investments? Stock market? Business? Network marketing? Real estate? Select the option that you want to pick up on.

And finally, it’s about the journey.

What will be your journey? What will be your experiences? And, what will be your desired experiences? Are you a huge risk-taker? Or do you want to play it safe? Do you want to be the pioneer who may end up with some losses? Or do you want to be one of the first few who came in after the pioneer?

Some info about this framework.

Yes, the above framework is something that I came up with from my own life experiences. Having been a student of success, and also a person who chased for success many times, there have been times when I ended up feeling like a loser in spite of winning. And that is where I could come up with this triad. Identifying one gap at a time and always ending up filling it. And it is the same framework which I use in my coaching and training programs. (Although with different examples to explain the concept depending on the audience).

What about the clues then?

Yes, the clues are very much there. To begin with, I have shared 3 clues with regards to how you can (and to a certain extent must) define your success. Then based on those definitions, you have to get on planning and execution.

What about planning and execution?

Yes, that’s a valid question. Many times when people tend to define their success in the above format, they clearly understand that the definitions are based on few factors. Either it is based on their experiences (or the way they recall AKA story-tell) their past. Or based on the present (or the way they perceive and project the present). Or based on the future they want to create (or been taught to create by others/society/family, etc).

So, accordingly there needs to be a planning for the activities, resources, SMART action plan, etc. to achieve the success. And once you have the plan, then it’s about the execution of the same.

Vision –> Mission plan –> Mission execution –> And Mission completed (Can be mission accomplished or mission failed) –> Grow to the next one.

There are always clues.

Provided you look in the right places. Yes. Once you have come up with the vision and mission plan (at least the basic version), chances are very high (especially in today’s digital age) that someone else has already created it, or creating it. In that case, you can actually learn from them and adapt it to your circumstance accordingly.

There are also other clues.

As in, where you are getting the inspiration for the success. Is it coming from something or somewhere from your past? From your present? Or future?

Is it Is it coming from something or somewhere from the society’s past? Or present? Or future?

Hold on. Where did the society come from?

When you look deep into the history, there are always hidden patterns to be found. And they can be found in terms of how societies flourished, cultures (or empires began, expanded, and/or perished).

The patterns just keep on repeating.

And mostly, unless there have been major changes, the history tends to repeat itself. (Both in personal life and for a society). So, you can always find clues there and adapt accordingly.

The present gives a lot of clues. Yes, everything can be traced to something important in the present. And in the present (especially with so much digital and technology stuff involved) which pieces of data/information/clue are you paying attention to?

And the future? That is something filled with clues. (Even with so much of uncertainty as to what all evolution and changes can happen with so much growth of science and technology). Want a clue there? Look for people who are driving the change. Many times, they are not just driving the change, rather they are also the ones who are creating it in the first place. So, are you one of them? Or are you learning from one of them?

Focus on the generalities.

Want another set of clues? Check out Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. People in the past had them, people have them in the present, and people will have them in the future. So, that way, the outcome of what they need is decided. The key for you is to ask, (for yourself and others), how are those needs going to be met? If you’re in (or planning to enter into) a business, which of those needs you are (or will be) meeting?

What are the new pathways that can be traveled through to achieve those outcomes? (The more tech-enabled it is, the better). And what experiences along the journey are preferred? And what are not preferred? (Like nobody wants to waste time unnecessarily, violence is a strict no-no).

From generals to specifics.

Yes, when you focus on the generals, you can always infer and come to certain specific things. And these specific things are the clues that you can and must focus on. Once you get the clues, then look at how you can make use of the same for the betterment of your life and others.

What in case if you are not able to find the clues?

No problem. Ask others who have found it? (Like me?). Check out and be open for various clues from various sources. (Like the articles listed below as additional reading). And when you get them, put them into work. (No great ideas will work unless you work them).

Now, get going and achieve the success (both that you desire and deserve).

Best Wishes.
Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.

And yes, if you want my support or want to work with me, do contact me. My email address is and WhatsApp number is +91-9841118294.

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