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What if challenges are the way you have always grown up in life?

Yes, it happens. A lot of times we grow up in life with only challenges. A lot of them which pushed us down. And in the process of getting back with life, we just end up growing on to the next level. This over a period of time and after a certain quantity of repetitions just… Read More »

What if you end up feeling low?

It happens. Yes, sometimes, it happens a lot. That you end up feeling low, and sometimes very low that it feels as if you have got lots of heaviness and wrong emotions and feelings, (reminding you of some old negative experiences) and all that you just want to vomit it out. What do you do… Read More »

Manifestation of results by using the concept of environmental space.

Work on creating the environment that your desired results will love to be. And the results will manifest. Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Helping you make your dreams your reality. – Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. Human Potential and Growth Expert. I teach and help set up various frameworks for creating certainty… Read More »

A look into doing what makes you feel good versus feeling good.

Yes, you read it right. This post is about looking into two different concepts in different contexts. One is about doing what makes you feel good and the other is about feeling good. So, for the last few days, in a consistent manner have been getting people connect with me and guiding me, or sharing… Read More »

A definitive guide to success.

What? A definitive guide to success or the definitive guide to success? If this is the only guide to success that you are coming across, then it is ‘the’. However, I am sure that you have come across a lot more guides and frameworks for helping you achieve success. In which case, it is a… Read More »

An epiphany of how connecting with the source clears off a lot of drama and suffering.

In life we have moments, just like a year is filled with hours. Left on its own, an hour may not be much significant. And left on its own moments may also be not much significant unless one thing happens. And that is we choose to give it a meaning, where we choose to realize something… Read More »

What setbacks and resting has got to do with winning like a big player?

Yes, in life we do have setbacks and we do have periods of break. What has it got to do with winning like a big player? Yes, that’s true and that’s you if you consider the game of life and you being a big-time player. (If you think you are not and being too small… Read More »

The tale of two heartaches.

The tale of two heartaches. (Some wild reflections as I finished my midnight dinner). Lost in the wilderness of consciousness, wavers the soul. And lost in the wilderness of society, wavers our mind. Yes, it’s a lot more painful when you lose someone. Much more so, when they are the position of your love. And… Read More »

Increase your wealth, earn more money, here are some blueprints.

Okay. This post is as the title reads it. Increase your wealth, earn more money, here are some blueprints. And I am going to share some nuggets from some of the best advice on wealth I have ever got. And also some of the best experiences with money and wealth that I have had. Hi, I… Read More »

An often less used secret way for happiness.

Is there a secret for happiness? Is there a way to be happy on your own? A less used secret technique? Yes, there is one. Before revealing the technique, let me share some of the positive side effects that you may experience in your life by a consistent and long-term practice of this technique. 1. Achievement.Yes,… Read More »

Overcoming the emotions of betrayal and hurt from relationships.

One of the problems that I have seen in some of my clients who were not able to grow beyond a certain level in their lives is a sense of emotional hurt or feeling of betrayal, especially from close relationships. It’s here that a lot of self-work (including forgiveness, gratitude, healing the inner child, working… Read More »

Heal your emotional trauma / old traumatic experiences.

One of the issues which a lot of people have, owing to which they lose out on potential, attract wrong people and trouble into their life, miss out on big goals and/or rewards whether be it in relationships or career or wealth and the big one happiness in life, is about running old traumatic experiences… Read More »