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This month and next month, especially for businesses based in Chennai, and Tamilnadu, is a really good period to expand your business. With people slowing down because of rains and wanting to have comfort travel, business players who are going the extra mile are increasing their market scope.

To give some examples, I have personally acquired (and also in the process of acquiring) enough monthly retainer clients already in the last 6 days for my biz coaching and personal leadership coaching, of what otherwise would have taken me 1 to 2 months of work.

And as I have seen it, (and also have worked along with) even with my clients from various industries who are showing the speed and smartness in execution have been doing some rapid growth in their respective businesses too in terms of business planning, strategic business re-direction, online expansion and also new customer acquisition in the last 4 weeks.

So, if you are in business (and looking at expanding your market share), good luck, still a good time left over next two months. All the best. Give your best. – Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.

PS: In case you want to know more about my coaching work, to grow your business or to grow as an individual, do PM me through Whatsapp: +91-9841118294 or email me to