Increase your wealth, earn more money, here are some blueprints.

By | January 10, 2017

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Okay. This post is as the title reads it. Increase your wealth, earn more money, here are some blueprints. And I am going to share some nuggets from some of the best advice on wealth I have ever got. And also some of the best experiences with money and wealth that I have had.

Hi, I am Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. A blogger, coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer. Now, I say these titles for chances are, you might have come across my work through any one of these channels.

What it’s all about?

Like I shared in the first paragraph, this post is all about, money, wealth and the blueprints associated with them. This post is going to get updated frequently (as in either in this page itself or through future resources). Let’s get on with the topic.


Some notable sources.

Yes, I am speaking from my experience and expertise. Also, I am speaking from experience of either working directly or through the works with people like T Harv Eker, Steve Olsher, Ratan KK, Alex Mandossian, Tony Robbins, Robert Anthony, Suresh Padmanabhan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Napoleon Hill, Buckminster Fuller, Padmanabhan Ravindran, Sarah Ann Negus, Matthew Turton, Brandon Schmid, John Pagulayan, Vishen Lakhiani, Dr Mani Subramanian, Kevin Thompson, Dan Meredith, Pradeep Aggarwal, Gopal Krishnan, Amy Robeson, Tanya Tinney, Justin Devonshire, And many such more….

How to get the essence?

So, the following are pointers. Some are in straight, simple, self-evident terms and some may be little metaphorical. Whichever information resonates with you, use it; and which does not make any sense, leave it. Again, a quick disclaimer. These are my views and my experiences shared with you. They are not to be used as a substitute for any professional advice. So, use them judiciously.

The laws of attraction and vibration hold true.

Yes, when it comes to money and wealth, the law of attraction and vibration do hold true. So, the more you are able to understand those laws and live them at highest integrity level possible.

You don’t need it. You attract it.

Wealth runs away from people who run behind it with a level of neediness. Rather, make yourself so deserving that money and wealth gets naturally attracted to you.

Money does not grow on trees.

Unless you have planted a money producing tree. So, plant those systems which can produce money.

Money and wealth are fruits.

Yes, most people try to work on the root level and expect the fruits. However, there is something much more important than the roots. And that is the seeds. So, unless you have planted an apple seed, you cannot expect an apple tree or apple fruit. Likewise, for enjoying the fruits of money and wealth, check with yourself, how many seeds of wealth and money have you sown and nurtured.

The weeds can take over the garden.

Anything which disempowers the growth of the crop you desire should be considered a weed. And weeds do consume the resources which are otherwise meant for the crop. Eventually, the crop is going to die. Likewise, disempowering stuff, knowledge, attitude, energy, intention, confusion, lack of clarity, less effort, low energy, anger, fear, poor wealth habits, etc can all take away your resources and resourcefulness to produce money and wealth.

Money and wealth are by-products.

Yes; they are. You have money and wealth. For which, you got to be the person and you got to do the actions that will empower and enable you to have more money and more wealth.

They either grow or die.

Yes, your money and wealth are either growing or dying. Some growth is natural, most of the growth needs to be nurtured. So, if you don’t want your money and wealth to die, then nurture it. Learn it and do it yourself or share the responsibility of the same to a professional.

There are rules and principles are to be acknowledged and worked through.

Yes, you can even Google “rules of money”, “rules of wealth”, “wealth principles”, “money principles, etc.



To be continued.

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