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Some background info.

Hi, I am Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. And also a human being who has had experiences and exposure of my own share of success by working various frameworks (both created by others and designed by me)

And yes, here’s a disclaimer too. This is part of my own experience, education and all the perspectives coming from there. And very much subjective to changes which otherwise I would label as evolution as I evolve. So, take it for that, another perspective and another way of looking at life. If you feel it can be empowering and you are ready to take responsibility for the consequences, then give it a try. And again, absolutely not a substitute for professional help.

Is selling and delivering to the one, few, or many a desirable business strategy for you?

So, there are different ways of selling, and different ways of delivering.

– One-to-one at a time.
– One-to-few at a time.
– And one-to-many at a time.

Now, there may be variations of how you sell and how you deliver, and that is where permuatations and combinations come in place. And there is no one right model of how to sell and how to deliver for all. Each one, each business, has it’s own appropriate model based on various factors like;

– What is the offer/product/service?
– What is the  problem you are solving?
– What is the need/goal/desire you are serving?
– What is going to be channel of delivery?
– What is the market segment?
– What are the systems and processes in place?
– What is preferred in the industry?
– What will be the effectiveness level?

So, the questions for you to reflect upon based on all the above questions and few more are,
– Is it effective to sell to one, few, or to many in your audience?
– Is it effective to deliver to one, few, or many in your audience?

Examples of one to one selling, is one to one presentations. One to few, can be a group pitch or sending out a email to a small audience, etc. And one to many, can be getting on TV, radio, social ads, print media ads, doing large conferences, selling from the stage etc.

And again delivery can be one to one, one to small group [group coaching, etc], or one to many [conference type, etc].

And these can be applied in most of the industries and work areas by taking some time to think through, plan, execute, and  upgrade. How are you planning to do the same for your business growth?


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