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Some background info.

Hi, I am Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. And also a human being who has had experiences and exposure of my own share of success by working various frameworks (both created by others and designed by me)

And yes, here’s a disclaimer too. This is part of my own experience, education and all the perspectives coming from there. And very much subjective to changes which otherwise I would label as evolution as I evolve. So, take it for that, another perspective and another way of looking at life. If you feel it can be empowering and you are ready to take responsibility for the consequences, then give it a try. And again, absolutely not a substitute for professional help.

Getting on with the topic.

Is your audience ready and open to receive your offer? Now, you maybe offering a product, service, training, or an opportunity. Whichever be the case, they should be ready to receive. In some cases, they may need to do some work with what you have to offer to them. Like coaching, service support, etc. If they are not ready and open to receive, three things can go wrong.

  1. You may be wasting your energy, effort, and resources.
  2. You may be wasting their energy, effort, and resources.
  3. And the big one, someone who is desperately looking at what you have to offer may not get a chance to buy from you.

How can you handle this scenario?

  1. Focus on your ideal customer and client. And sell to them. Every industry and niche has an ideal customer profile.
  2. Qualify your prospects. Sell to those who are ideal for you and for whom you are ideal. And for the rest, refer them to someone who may be ideal. Especially applicable in most of the service industry.
  3. Build your business systems and processes in a way that it focuses on the highest possibilities. Be it, the impact you are creating, the value exchange that is happening, the contribution you are making, and how you do it and with whom you do it.