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Performance, Excellence, Results Oriented Coaching and consulting
PEROC consult

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N facilitating a workshop on Counselling skills program at Vivekananda Educational Society, Chennai

– How much are you satisfied with your performance, your standards and the results you are achieving?
– Are you seeing, hearing and feeling that there is a huge scope of improvement in your life?
– Do you want to further improve upon your life, the way your performance is and the quality of life you are living and the results you are getting?
– Have you ever felt frustrated and angry because you could not get the results you wanted?
– Have you ever had to work hard, long and tiring hours to get your goals achieved?
–  Do you feel overwhelmed because of the huge amount of tasks in your hand with less time and fewer resources?
– Have you been in the state of confusion when you were not clear about what to do next?
– Do you feel managing your time and resources is a big headache?
– Have you been getting distracted a lot because of factors outside?
– Have you seen others who are less talented, less educated and less qualified than you get more rewards than you?
– Do you find it a hard task to balance your personal and professional life?
– Have you felt the need for guidance and support in your life?
– Do you want to become more effective and efficient? Do you want to become more resourceful, being able to do more with less resources?
– Have you felt ever about how nice it will be if someone helped you through your journey of achieving your goals and leading you to success, happiness and harmony?
– Do you feel there are areas in your life where you have a good scope of improvement and how a good amount of guidance will result in radical development of results?
– Do you have the urge to breakthrough your average life and create a life of excellence, brilliance and success?
Do you want to learn, know and apply practical strategies which are custom-built for you to achieve improvement in areas of performance, excellence and results you are looking for?
Read on.

Ms Padmaja S N – Chief Training Consultant, Victory Insights
Excellence is never an accident. It is a continuous journey. Dr Maharaja has the perfect trait of both knowledge sharing and knowledge seeking without reservations, when free flow happens Wisdom is a byproduct. I am sure He possess every quality a Health and wellness Coach should possess. I wish him All The Best.

Hello. My name is Dr Maharja SivaSubramanian N. I have been a consultant for helping thousands of people in my professional consulting service become healthier, happier, peak performers.

However, it was all different from the beginning. I was in a similar situation like you. There have been times when I have been frustrated, angry, confused and overwhelmed. I used to feel tired and constantly overworked where I was working and working, however the desired results were not there.
I was getting easily distracted and used to find focusing on one work a very hard thing to do. I was feeling and knowing for sure that people out there who were less talented than me, less qualified than me were getting a lots of results which I felt were rightfully mine but never in my hands.
I was so depressed, confused and frustrated that I started getting away from everybody and getting into a lonely state where even thoughts of suicide were frequent.

These were all till one time when I started taking charge of my life. I started looking into every aspect of my life getting help from as many people as possible.
Slowly I started organizing my life and making it a well-balanced mixture of personal and professional life. I started getting coaching, mentoring and consulting, and still continue to do so from some of the biggest names of the industry learning from them and applying the principles.

I wanted to be the best in what and who I can be and constantly improve myself. I was focused and relentless in creating breakthroughs for myself and my clients and results which were filled with the “wow” feeling. And finally I am in the journey where I am all focused, relentless, persistent, and disciplined in delivering high quality performance and results for other people and helping them achieve their goals. And now, I want to help you to reach the same stage.

Mr K. Elangovan – Managing Director, Institute for Language Skills
He is knowledgeable and helped me to move from normal to becoming a Peak Performer.

I must say to you, I have been there where you may be now, if you are the same as I described my life above.

Over a period of time, I could find a lot of scope for improvement and development in my life where I could integrate and excel in a better way reaping greater results. Are you ready to embark on the journey of excellence and delivering results?

Mr Ravi Padmanabhan – Wealth Coach
Dr Maharaja was mentioning some very interesting perspective to my business which I felt will surely increase my overall revenue. It is always a good idea for someone else to review your current business model so they could point out some things which you may have missed out.

If you want to continue living the life of being an average, you are free to be so. You have my permission to continue to suffer from the psychopathology of the average.
However, if you want to breakthrough your average curve and reach a higher status and continue to grow, then read on.

When you cease to learn, you cease to grow.
When you cease to grow, you cease to enjoy.
When you cease to enjoy, you cease to live.
When you cease to live, you cease to be average.

There is one distinct quality of achievers and winners against people who are average. No, it is not that they don’t have low points. They do have low points, however they use it for their own advantage. It is when they hit the low point, they consciously look for opportunities to get better and to then breakthrough the plateau and reach a higher level. This can be done through various methods. However, in today’s scenario where no one solution is answer to all problems, one of the best method to achieve and develop excellence and breakthroughs is through getting yourself a consultant. A consultant who consults for you independently and according to your needs. A consultant who can be the most important person in your team and network. Read why a consultant is the most important person in your team in an article here.

There are various types of consultant who can take care of various needs. A consultant may take care of your personal life, or your professional venture. They may take care of your health needs or help you to prosper and achieve your wealth needs.

And as a consultant who can serve you in such needs, I present to you my Performance, Excellence, Result Oriented Consulting program. Having expertise in various fields of health, peak performance, technology, etc (read more about me here) I will be working with you by knowing your goals and creating a plan as to;
– How and what methods should be applied and will be the best way to reach your outcome?
– How can you achieve your goals, both personal and professional effectively?
– How can you grow and transform yourself in your personal and professional life?
– How can you live the life you truly wish?

Major V V Narayanan – General Secretary, Hypnotique Circle, Chennai
Dr Maharaja had excellent knowledge in his subject and a firm grasp over his topic. He had ventured to provide novel definitions over unexplored dimensions of health. He has a knack of taking the audience with him thanks to his engaging style of delivery. Excellent session full of practical application.

And along with formulating the plan with you, I will constantly help you out in implementing the plan and help you to reach your goals.

Continue reading to know more about PEROC and to know how you can consult with me to help you achieve your goals and solutions you are looking for.