PEROC consult

The PEROC process
Performance, Excellence, Result Oriented Consultation PEROC is a hybrid consultation process with a combined and comprehensive approach of services, techniques, principles, methodologies, and technologies of MAHARAJAWELLNESS, KASHMAHARAJA & MAHARAJAPROFESSIONALZ.

In this consulting process, a detailed discussion and assessment of your needs is done and based on which we will work through creating a plan of action for achieving desired goals. I will further work with you in implementing the action plan by helping you be focused and accountable to the plan of action and by making you more resourceful. This is followed with frequent assessments and reviews to assess the level of results achieved.

Who this consulting is for?
If you answered the questions asked in the last page and are interested and still continue to read till here, then this consulting is for you in high probability. However, to make it even more easier for you to understand; This program is for you if;
– You are looking to raise your standards and your performance level.
– You want to achieve breakthrough results.
– You want to improve in all areas of your life in a balanced manner both personally and professionally.
– You want to achieve results which will need you to stay committed, focused and act on for long period of time like for a year.
– You want to develop your skills, abilities, knowledge and yourself and are ready to invest the time, money, energy, effort and are committed to invest the same with proper help and guidance.
– You are looking forward to;
– improving your lifestyle.
– achieving and growing upon your financial freedom.
– creating passive and/or multiple streams of income.
– becoming a much sought after expert in your industry.
– become the top 5% of people in your personal and professional life.
– creating a breakthrough and positive turnaround in your life.
– becoming a person of peak performance, excellence, and results.

Mr S Gnanasambanthan Attorney and Legal Consultant
I consulted Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian regarding my career health and the modes of rising my standard of living including health, the advise which he gave me are  very useful in my opinion. His advice and discussion was very exhaustive and covered whatever I expected. I hope the ways which he suggested shall be very useful to maintain good health (physical and mental), to improve standard of living and achieve greater success in profession and lead a peaceful life with family in the society.

What is the duration of the consulting process?
This consulting process is focused on creating long-term results and breakthroughs in your life. Focusing on creating major shifts, this consulting process is designed for a year-long consulting process where your top goals is identified and efforts taken to achieve them to the maximum. As of now PEROC is open for one year one-to-one consulting process.
(If you are looking for a shorter duration consulting, or for organizational consulting contact me.)

The following are the consulting packages which are available. Depending upon your needs, an assessment is done and you will be guided to choose your package based on your needs.
Each session will for 90 minutes duration.
The consulting will be through online voice/video chat or you can also call me over the phone to my personal number.
Payment options are available as;
– Single annual payment.
– Half yearly payment.
– Quarterly payment.
– Bi-monthly payment.
– Monthly payment (for Advanced and Massive Breakthrough Advanced packages only).





Massive Breakthrough Advanced

Number of one to one consulting sessions in one year. 12 (Monthly) 24 (Twice a month) 52 (Weekly)
Investment (in INR) (Easy payment options) 25,000 x 1
13,000 x 2
6,750 x 4
4,750 x 6
48,000 x 1
25,500 x 2
18,000 x 3
14,250 x 4
5,000 x 12
1,04,000 x 1
55,250 x 2
29,250 x 4
20,600 x 6
10,800 x 12
Recommended for Self-employed.



Academic teachers. Business owners (up to 5 employees with local operations).

Entrepreneurs (up to 10 Lakhs INR annual turnovers).

Business owners. (5 to 10 employees, with local operations)



Middle level management employees.


Entrepreneurs (10 Lakhs plus annual turnover).

Business owners. (10 or more employees or having national and international operations).


Middle and top level management employees.


Contact me for further clarifications and for registering for the consulting process through
Mention the subject line as “PEROC”.
And please do include the answers of the following questions in your email;
– What is the exact outcome you are looking for?
– Why do you want to achieve that outcome?
– What is your plan of action for achieving that outcome if any?
– How can I help you? What are your goals and desired outcomes for getting the consultation from me.
– Why do you want to consult with me?

Once I receive your email, and depending upon availability of consulting slots, I will be sending you a detailed questionnaire to start with your consulting process.

Helping you to become a healthier and happier peak performer;

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N