What’s your #1, #2, and #3 things? A framework for personal excellence in life, career, and business.

By | January 20, 2017

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Yes, there are 100s of things to be done. 100s of qualities to be developed, And 100s of things to be done to achieve 100s of goals. This is a web of too much to handle. And a high probability formula for suffering through overwhelm, frustration, and burnout. Then, how is it that you are going to take care of yourself and be able to express your best in life, career, and business? Here, is a framework I could come up with.

Some background information.

Hey, it’s Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N here. Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer. And let’s get on with the topic diving deep right now. So, one of the things that I have been doing this week has been working on my vision. The vision for my last decade was mostly focused on my education, while the upcoming decade is going to be more focused on transferring all the education into valuable and profitable expression and sharing. This post is one such aha moment about vision building and how you can strategically plan through your execution plan, and achieve your dream vision.

And another quick disclaimer.

What I am sharing here is part of my own perspective and life lesson too. A part of my own experience, education and all the perspectives coming from there. And very much subjective to changes which otherwise I would label as evolution as I evolve. So, take it for that, another perspective and another way of looking at life. If you feel it can be empowering and you are ready to take responsibility for the consequences, then give it a try. And again, absolutely not a substitute for professional help.

Not a framework, rather a series.

Yes, this post is not just about one framework, rather a series. A series focused on answering three pillars for personal transformation.

1. At the level of being. Who you are and who you choose to become?
2. At the level of doing. What you are already doing and what needs to get done?
3. At the level of having. What you already have and what will you like to have?

So, what are the different things you want to achieve?

Make a list. Make a complete list of all the things that you want to achieve in terms of both the near and the distant future. And when you do it, do it from an internal space of love, joy, care and a desire to share. Make the list of your dreams that you want to make your reality.

Once you have done it, select the top 3 goals. Yes, top 3. All are important, however, if you can just do 3, then what will they be? It can be materialistic, spiritual, financial, personality traits, whichever way. What are the 3 things? And make it as much clear as the end-outcome focused rather than what you think you need to achieve that end outcome to be.

And make it as much clear as the end-outcome focused rather than what you think you need to achieve that end outcome to be. Let me explain the last statement a little further. In fact, my friend Justin Devonshire explained it much better in his Facebook feed so I am sort of paraphrasing it.

Someone may want a weight loss package, now that is what they say they want, however, the real outcome they want is to look good, to feel comfortable about themselves in their body, to receive compliments about themselves from others (and if good looks can help for the same). So, the goal here may be weight loss, however, the outcome is entirely different.

So, get clear on 3 outcomes you want to achieve.

Now, understand what will it take?

Yes, now based on the outcomes you want to achieve, what needs to get done? When it comes feeling appreciated, the physical appearance may matter. However, what will make even more sense is, how good you feel about yourself? How much you appreciate yourself? Because there are people who are in top physical shape, however, just because they don’t feel good about themselves, they end up not being open to receive the appreciation too.

So, based on the outcomes, come up with a list of action steps. And from those things which need to get done, identify the top 3 which will give you the most leverage. 80% of tasks give 20% results and 20% tasks give 80% results. So, identify your 80%.

And finally what you need to become.

Here is something I got to learn from one of Jim Rohn’s videos. (Who is Jim Rohn? He is the mentor for many successful thought leaders.) Success is not something you chase, rather it is something you attract by becoming a different person altogether.

And here is one, from Albert Einstein. You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

So, whether it is Growth through success, or through solving a problem, either ways you have to become an entirely different person. So, what are the three qualities you will like to cultivate? And/or better yet, what are your top three strengths (which otherwise you have taken for granted), that you got make even stronger and express more often.

It’s about the life.

Yes, life ultimately is not about trying a lot more stuff which you may not be good at. Rather, it is the 1, 2, or 3 priorities at a time, actions at a time, goals (major) at a time, That’s the game of life. Sometimes (and for a lot of people, almost all the times), its just 1 thing, one major priority at a time you got to focus on. (Just like how you have to focus only on the person whom you are talking to and marketing to your one ideal client at the beginning.)

Yes, there are 100 things to be done. Do it one, two, three at a time. And wherever possible outsource the rest. That’s exactly what the world needs from you. And so do you. Good luck (to both your success and the world’s success through you).

Best Wishes.
Dr. Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.

And yes, if you want my support or want to work with me, do contact me. My email address is drmaharaja@drmaharajasivasubramanian.com and WhatsApp number is +91-9841118294.

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