Why have I decided to work only with high-paying ideal clients?

By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Hi, Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N here, and I want to share a major update with you today. It is that I am going to work from now on only with high-paying, ideal clients for most of my consulting services. Especially beginning with my whole day consulting work. After being a working now for close to ten years and being a professional for more than 5 amazing years, where I had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing people, some good non-profits, now I feel it is ideal time for me to focus and work with only high-paying ideal clients.

I love to work, and when I am really ready in a flow, I just get crazily in love with working and adding value. Not many of you may know, you may be surprised that I am coming full swing out of retirement for this financial year. I had taken a small break which got transferred into a mini-retirement post 2011. I had been working though sporadically between 2012 to 2014 with bulk of my focus on being working with non-profits and clients who were recommended to me by others. From the beginning of this year 2015, I had been preparing myself to become better at my skill, so that I can be more valuable in my expertise. And that process has been going in full swing. And in the way it is progressing, I am expecting to be a minimum of 100 times more valuable (in some of my areas of expertise) to my clients by end of this financial year than I was till last year. That is a huge bonus for all my clients, especially those who work with me long-term.

One such preparation work involved me working with Alex Mandossian (the productivity guy) who is the leading online marketing force behind some of the leading global experts in my domain of work. It was in a discovery session with him (the recording of which I have gone through now two times and will be going through even more) which gave me a lots of awareness, perspective and clarity regards selecting the main clients I work with. I also had the opportunity of working with him and learning from him live as being a participant at Guerrilla Business Intensive in Chennai.

Another person who helped me is Ms. Harsha Garg, (Financial Freedom transformation Goddess in making) (that is a nice way to refer to self) who worked with me for the past four days and was my accountability partner in helping me to add more clarity to the work environment I am creating.

Another mentor whom I need to express my gratitude to, is Prof Ratan KK who came all the way to meet me at my office and spent a good time working with me and explaining to me that I am doing injustice and dis-service to myself in the first place by under-selling myself and sooner or later it is going to create some obstacles. (I am sorry Prof for taking time to apply that lesson though I agreed with you completely even then too).

And for one more round, will appreciate the lessons from my other mentors whose work was educational and inspirational for me, Alan Weiss, Brendon Burchard, etc.

And finally, but the most important ones being all my clients who have worked with me till date and adding more clarity in helping me redefine and evolve professionally.

Some of the awareness points, reasons for me making the choice, etc, are shared below.
1. They are great, both to work with and hang-out with. I like to work as well as spend a lot of time at work, and hence with people. When those clients are ideal, work seems more like a flow than that involving any sweat.
2. They pay well. Here, I will like to make a distinction between some odd high-end and high-paying. There have been some clients in the past who found every trick in the book to negotiate with me as to how great their work is, how much I should feel thankful that they are giving me an opportunity to work with, how they see me as a savior, and finally at the end, once the work is done, either pay less or refuse to pay and above all find every reason to fight as to how I added no value (I just could not understand how is it that they could end up finding that I was no good after working with me for months together and after getting the results which they were otherwise unable to achieve in years). Not all high-end clients are like that, but some who pose to be are so. High-paying clients are in the contrary. I have had high-paying clients whose only money was the money they could have to pay me and yet paid me (even when I offered them discounts, they preferred to pay full).
3. They are committed, working with me is a priority for them, and they follow-up really well. Now, this makes a killer difference for a knowledge worker like me who just loves to work with people who are committed, give high-priority and follow-up with the projects they engage with me for.
4. They reach out with beginner’s mindset. They may know about the work much before. They may also have had some results. However, when they come to learn, they learn from the scratch. They make themselves beginners and are eager to learn. They apply everything before rejecting or if they are not in a position to apply, they ask for alternatives.
5. They know and refer other high-paying ideal clients. That helps me take off a lot of time from my own marketing, and rather use it on doing my research and sharing, thus adding it up as more value for them.
6. They pay in advance. I cannot over-emphasize the point of getting paid, getting highly-paid and getting highly-paid in advance. It frees up a lot of mental energy when you know from where money is coming from, and that helps to invest that energy again in developing and implementing better solutions for the clients.
7. They are open for suggestions and perspectives of all types. Self-explanatory.
8. They believe in facing challenges head on rather than being the positive thinking ostrich who refuses to face any trouble. Yes, a lot of growth happens by having a positive approach. A lot more happens and can be made to happen when we also become aware of the bottlenecks for growth, the constraints and develop and engage solutions for tackling them rather than hitting ourselves on them.
9. They are pre-motivated and ready to go on. I am a coach who can inspire, however, internal motivation is something I require to begin with. Can I help develop it, yes, however I have seen in my experience that everytime I engage in developing it, it has been too time-consuming and resources consuming, and worst has been received more as an attempt of self-marketing. So, from now on, if you are not motivated on your own, I am not the right consultant to work with.
10. Above all, they understand my caring, sincerity and my nature. I as an individual am not a person who likes to spend time doing free-chatting or excessive rapport building. I have invested a lot of time on making myself so strong in my work that I can find the right area to work with and go for the jugular straight. Post work, and at other times when I need a break, I definitely like to be with myself for I am an introvert who prefers books for company. At the same time, I don’t work with people who and whose work I don’t care for, respect or am sincere to work with. They understand it. They don’t confuse my introvert nature and going straight for the work nature with some state of apathy. It is definitely a treat to work with clients who understand you and that makes work so much better and a pleasure to engage in.
11. They care for their dreams. And I care about helping them make their dreams a reality.
12. They are open to learning. I share a lot, a lot through my blogs. And when they ask me a question, many a times I may end up sending them a blog post which I had written long back with detailed framework for them to first learn from and then apply. That is one area. The next area of learning is, they understand and are ready to learn few fundamentals about the area in which they want to work with me. Being open to learn the fundamentals is a great bonus. First, it helps develop clarity and awareness which prevents a lots of problems in the future. Second, it helps them to imbibe certain concepts and methods of working which we engage in later work with, we are able to finish it off fastly. For example, I make it a point for my clients who come to work with me as a hypnotherapist to come for a session on understanding about mind, how hypnosis works, etc. This session is an investment of time and money. At the same time, this also has helped me to reduce more than 25% of time required for therapy which we would have otherwise had to engage. And 25% of time actually saves them and also helps them earn more than 25% of money (first by saving 25% and more in fees payable to me and also the money they could go out and earn for now they are better).
13. They do the due diligence. Yes, it is very important to make sure that I am the right person to work with. So, they go through my websites, my blogs, my testimonials and case studies to understand that I am the right person for them and then reach out to me.
14. They understand my caring for them is ruthless compassion. OK, this is a term which I share with many of my mentors. In my earlier days, when asked to expand a word for my name, I used to say R for ruthless for my name expansion of Dr Maharaja. And compassion, according to me is the highest emotion expressed by us all. They understand my parental love for them, wherein I am strict where I need to be, as I assist them in them becoming capable and able to have their results and dreams realized.
15. They are ready to buy from me and want to be sold. They are very well clear the best way I can contribute for their growth is through my time, knowledge, content, seminars, training programs, products and services and if I genuinely feel I can help them, they look forward to me selling to them so that they can get the best benefits.
16. They are ready to expand beyond their comfort zone. When it comes to their dreams, they very well know that I am not going to take any chances and the best way to make it sure is to stretch their comfort zones and also put enough so much work that the results become obvious secondary results.
17. They silence their lower voices and act in-spite of fear. When people work with me, it is going to be obviously of higher nature where their mind, in order to keep them safe and within the comfort zone is going to throw in the lower voices and fears to drag them down to safety and comfort. They understand it and are yet persistent.
18. They are decisive and act with a sense of urgency on their priority. If I and the work they got to do with me are of top priority and important, they say yes and work with me as soon as possible. If they do not feel it as high priority, they say no rather than keeping me blind or waiting for them, so that I get to engage with other clients and not waste my billable time or get rusted by being idle. Here, we, me and you are all about work for progressive work is exciting and fun.
19. They know that their successes are more important than their excuses. Everybody always have a choice of making excuses. I have had my fair share too. Not much scope for it when working with ideal clients for they know that they can either have success or excuses and they cannot afford the latter.
20. I am the go-to person for them. It is a different thing to just be a consultant, coach or trainer. It is a totally different thing to be a higher level of the same and being perceived as a trusted adviser.
21. They understand and align with my major principles. Check them out separately. They are my musts for success and growth. Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N’s valuable profitable and grow-able principles
22. They celebrate; me, with me, and themselves working with me. Work when it becomes celebration is the ultimate ethical bribe to give more.
23. They share the responsibilities. They are clear that my responsibilities as a consultant, coach, or trainer is to show them the path and then it is their responsibility to take the action of walking the path. My work to show them the right direction and their responsibility to take the journey to bring the results closer to them. They know it is my work to share the info, help them have the breakthroughs and assist them to break their dis-empowering thoughts and their responsibility to then make the choices of progress and also be responsible for the results.
24. They are more open from the beginning. They don’t take time to open up and share with me what needs to be shared. For they know, if they take so much time, then neither can I assist them better nor can I be of much help for them achieving the results and realizing their dreams.
25. They are all-in. At the end of it all, they are clear about what they want and even if not understand that clarity will come as progress happens, are 100% committed to take actions, and are playing at level 10 of 10 as they play to win.
26. They value their time and their money. They value their time, that they want to accelerate their learning and will rather work with a consultant/coach/trainer than try to figure it all themselves. And they value their money, that they find what valuable insight they can go ahead and apply and be responsible by self to make multiple times their investment.
27. They are excited about giving testimonials and becoming part of case studies. By giving testimonials and being part of my case studies (anonymous in some cases), they help other prospects in feeling reassured to work with me, and also make my marketing easier, which ensures more time and resources available from my end to add more value. They also understand it is about their shot to fame and promotion too as their network extends with all my other clients too. And third, it also creates an accountability for them and a remainder to play the game of winning at top level.

So, the above are my awareness points. I shall keep on adding some more too. At the same time, do share about what are yours.

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